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Finding Profitable Solutions for Life's Problems 

The road to happiness involves solving Life's Problems and starts with better health, affordable food, secure homes and educational opportunities.  MariamTek strives to find profitable solutions that bend the cost curve for global market penetration.



MariamTek is a Business Development Company that prides itself in finding promising technologies and helping them succeed. We prefer transformative, disruptive or synergistic ideas that can provide a price conscious solution for the global citizen.  The MariamTek team serves as talent scouts, minor league coaches and talent agents for the trip from brilliant idea to the marketplace.  In addition to our role as tech development coaches, we also provide the matchmaking service required to introduce  proven (or provable) ideas to profit makers.  

Tech Sectors under surveillance

Enhanced Cancer Care


We love new ideas that enhance cancer survival while minimizing toxicities.  

-Earlier cancer diagnosis ---> we have identified the best test for cancer.

-We found targeted therapies ---> excellent tumor control without the side effects

-New drugs that enhance standard therapies to allow for dose reduction and fewer side effects.

- Strengthening  the  immune system's attack on tumor cells 

-Repurposed drugs that have lower toxicities

First-in-Class Oral Cancer Treatment 

Autoimmunity and Inflammation


Inflammation is caused by many medical problems including autoimmunity, stress  and aging.  Repairing the broken body is impossible if the fire of inflammation is still burning.

We have sourced anti-inflammatory products that quench inflammation  via several different pathways:



-stem cells

-anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals

Restorative Medicine


Disease, trauma, cancer or aging leads to loss of function and decreased quality of life.  MariamTek is bullish on new technologies and data from the restorative medicine sector. 

In many cases quality of life can be improved significantly using your own stem cells and stem cell secretions.  We have identified a qualified clinic with global aspirations and are encouraged by their results reported in: 

-cardiac rehabilitation - diabetes 

-traumatic brain injury -osteoarthritis

-chronic lung diseases - anti-aging  

Medical Devices and Diagnostics


MariamTek loves the new gadgets that help doctors and nurses treat their patients better.  We have identified technology that:

-predicts and prevents premature birth

-ensures safe delivery of infants and minimizes the rate of C-sections 

-identifies the microorganism causing your disease out of >37,000 possibilities

-predictive analytics for atherosclerosis and diabetes

-minimally invasive spine surgery

-next generation minimally invasive surgical instruments (think robotic surgery on a budget)

-critical care medicine (advanced monitors for real time brain oxygenation and kidney function)

Disaster Medicine and Biodefense


Trauma medicine demands solutions for acute blood loss and radiation exposure.

We found affordable solutions under development that are perfect answers for the critically injured and dangerously exposed: 

-activated preserved platelets for quality care (Long shelf life as a dry powder)

-hemoglobin substitutes for hemorrhage 

-resistance proof antimicrobials.

- next generation vaccines

We  are excited about new technologies to restore function after concussions and more severe traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries

- pharmaceuticals and biologics that help regenerate injured hearts, brains, kidneys and muscles, the GI tract, the retina and cells responsible for hearing loss.

Non-Medical Technologies


MariamTek has a passion for green technologies. Here are some that decrease deforestation and plastic pollution:

-hyperfunctional wood products made from recycled wood with negative carbon tax potential

-new environmentally friendly chemistries produce hyper-strong plastic pipe and biodegradable plastics

-new chemistries lead to extra strong cotton yarn  to minimize polyester use in textile

MariamTek has an entire IT sector focused on  B2C applications for the music, education  and retail industries and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms for medical diagnostics.

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